Ben Hogan Golf Equipment

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment

Ben Hogan, Who Was He?

Ben Hogan was without a doubt one of the best players ever to play golf. His ball control using his controlled fade formed the basis of his PGA Pro tour success. It wasn't always this way. Early on in his career, Ben Hogan battled with a hook. With huge amounts of practice and dedication he perfected his swing which even today is considered the best swing in golf. Known as "The Hawk" due to his fierce determination, will to win and his icy stare he rarely spoke to his fellow golfers during competition. All of his focus was on playing golf.

The Classic Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Even today Ben Hogans golf swing is the standard many golfers aspire too, pro and amateur alike. He practiced for may hours every day to home his swing and is quoted as saying "Every day you miss practicing it will take you one day longer to get good". He is widely regarded as being the inspiration for the other pro golfers to start practicing too.

Basically he pulled apart the golf swing and developed his 'secrets'. He wrote a book describing his swing called 'Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf', which is still available today. It has been read by many of the professional golfers around the country and forms the basis of the modern golf swing. It's a must read for anyone wishing to take their game to the next level.

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs, Striving for Perfection

Ben Hogan was a true perfectionist who was not happy with his golf equipment, even though he won a lot of tournaments. He felt that the quality of the equipment available to golfers, both pro and amateur was not good enough. So he decided to design and build the 'best golf clubs in the world' by using 'the most exacting tolerances modern machinery will allow'.He believed that 'with quality clubs, a player of any skill level can improve the quality of his game'.

It's this ideal still pushes the quality and production of Ben Hogan golf clubs today. He said 'There are no shortcuts in the quest for perfection' and Ben Hogan golf clubs continue to reflect this vision.

Over the years the range has been substantially updated. By using the latest materials, the latest techniques Ben Hogan continues to produce the One of the finest line of golf clubs currently available. This is due to the heritage of the company, the drive of Ben Hogan himself and by using the lessons learned over 50+ years of production. By buying a set of Ben Hogan golf clubs you're benefiting from his great legacy and you know that you're using the best clubs available to help improve your game.

The current clubs are the Apex Plus. They have a forged carbon steel frame and a forged face with perimeter weighting to give the Apex Plus a much largest sweet spot across the club. This results in a much better ball strike and is more forgiving of any swing faults you may have. Even your off center strikes travel further, they feel better and the result is more accuracy. The overall result is a better round with lower scores. Thanks Ben!

Your Secret Weapon - The Hybrid Golf Club

Now it's time to unleash your secret weapon, the CFT Ti Hybrid. This may be the most sought after club in the Ben Hogan line available today. It will be the secret weapon that enables you to shoot lower scores. The CFT Ti Hybrid is specifically designed to get the ball up quickly making it easier to hit. This results in great shots on every swing of the club. Using this club will make your long irons with their inherent striking problems obsolete.

It's a golf club that is easy to handle, it's really easy to hit and will give you more distance on all of your shots. It has a titanium face and stainless body to allow for better control, with more forgiveness which results in a high degree of playability.